Developing a Spiritual Mindset

In the current educational environment, it’s becoming increasingly important for one to develop a holistic approach to education, both for childhood education and continuing personal development throughout your entire life.

With the advent of research into the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and other spiritual practices, it is more important now than ever that one recognize the importance of including spirituality as a part of his personal development.

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Spirituality vs. Religion

Firstly, I want to point out there are some major differences between spirituality and religion. Spirituality, at its most fundamental, has very little to do with any established religion. By contrast, religions take spiritual principles and apply them through specific doctrines.

Thus, the recommendation that one begin a spiritual practice should not be misconstrued as a recommendation to join any particular religion. Rather, it is the idea that one should focus attention on developing himself as an individual, and begin to ask a few key metaphysical questions.

First among them has to do with the individual purpose and meaning for existence. The answer to this can only be established through an intense inner search, which is aided through the development of meditation and mindfulness as daily practices.

When one begins to turn his attention inward, he finds that the importance he places on many worldly things, such as fame, success, wealth, etc, become secondary to his spiritual development.

If this is a topic area you’re interested in exploring, there are a number of recommended books you might explore to do so.

Recommended Reading

Developing the habit of reading diverse spiritual books and listening to meditations, audiobooks, and other recordings, is essential for learning how to focus yourself inwards.

Here are a few of the top resources you might checkout, courtesy of

The Seat of the Soul – A book byGary Zukav that argues for a new evolutionary perspective of humanity as we transition from five-sensory physical beings to multi-sensory spiritual beings.

The Power of Intention – One of the later works by spiritual author Wayne Dyer, this book is a good look at how you can improve your spiritual centeredness by focusing on the intention you emit throughout every action in your life.

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A Course in Miracles – One of the more religious books on the list, this work establishes the importance of looking for God (defined by the author as unconditional love) throughout every aspect of your life.

Ask And It Is Given – This is a channeled book by Abraham Hicks, which talks about coming back into the knowledge of “who you really are,” which is infinite oneness with All That Is, and an incredibly powerful, creative being.

There are many other books you might want to check out, so see the full list on the site for more information.

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