Our Mission

viscount cn35This site will be regularly updated, with news of our latest activities including new photographs of Victoria Lynne and information about how you can become more involved with her.

The aim of the Viscount 35 Association is a non-profit making group set up to promote Viscount C/n35 Victoria Lynne and assist with her upkeep. Monies raised through the association will be used for the restoration, maintenance, preservation and promotion of the aircraft, in partnership with vickersviscount.net.

While we do not seek to put Victoria Lynne back into the air our small group of dedicated volunteer technicians are working towards making her a static aircraft that is a live and working example of the worlds first turbo prop airliner for the benefit of all.

Our goals are summarised below:

  • Restore and Preserve Viscount C/n 35 “Victoria Lynne” to live condition for future generations to enjoy. The ultimate aim being that over the ensuing years the sound of a Dart running in a Viscount will once more be heard in the United Kingdom.
  • Proudly commemorate the unique role played by the Viscount in world aviation
  • Educate & remind people of an often forgotten part of the jet engine story.

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